It was the best movie ever!

Hi. How often to you get totally satisfied from watching a movie? Titanic wasn't too bad. Avatar was great. "Black" was very moving too. But as a animal lover, "Yellow Dog" is one of my favourite movies. It is a simple story about a stranded dog which is finding its way home. But I never cried that much seeing a movie. What an acting by the dog! And I truly believe that animals have the same emotions as human being have.

It was the best movie ever!
지금까지 본 최고의 영화였어요!

지금까지, jigumggaji, present + suffix
본, bon, seen
최고의, chuegoui, the best
영화였어요, youngwhayotsoyo, movie was

지금까지 본 최고의 영화였어요!
jigumggaji bon chuegoui youngwhayotsoyo!

-까지 used to indicate that certain timing that ends a period.
한시까지 오세요. -> Please come by one o'clock.



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