Dialogue 12

Hi all. Hope you had a good weekend. :) I went to an art gallery to see Ron Mueck's sculptures today. Ron Mueck is an Australian artist who is famous for his hyper-realistic reproduction of human figures. His work was extraordinary. Check out the photos from here.

Here is the dialogue number twelve on shopping.

Owner: Welcome to my shop.
John: I am looking for a gift for my friend.
Owner: Do you have something specific on your mind?
John: Yes. I am looking for something like this.
Owner: We have something similar.
John: I like it but it is too expensive.
Owner: Our price is cheaper than the shop's over there.
John: Can you give me a discount?
Owner: No. I am not making any money from this business.
John: I'll come back after thinking about it.

Owner: 어서오세요.
John: 친구에게 줄 선물을 찾고 있어요.
chinguaegae jul sunmuleul chatgo yitsoyo.
Owner: 특별히 생각하는 것이 있나요?
tekbyolhi sanggakhanun gutsi yitnayo?
John: 예. 이렇게 생긴 것을 찾고 있어요.
yea. yirutke senggin gutsol, chatgo yitsoyo.
Owner: 비슷한 것이 있어요.
bisuthan gutsi yitsoyo.
John: 마음에 들지만 너무 비싸요.
maeumae duljiman nurmu bissayo.
Owner: 우리 가격이 저쪽 가게보다 더 싸요.
woori gagyokyi jochok gagaeboda de ssayo.
John: 좀 깍아주세요.
Jom ggakajuseyo.
Owner: 안돼요. 하나도 안 남는 장사에요.
andeyo. hanado an namnun jangsaaeyo.
John: 생각해 보고 다시 올게요.
sangakhae bogo dasi olgaeyo.

Please check out dialogue 5 on the same subject.

Next week I am going to write about transportations. :)


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