I don't get it.

Hi. I do enjoy art films occasionally but some movies just leave me puzzled. For example, I never got what Stanley Kubrick tried to say in "Eyes Wide Shut". What about "Being John Malkovich" by Spike Jonze? They are just too deep for me. I think it is fair enough to admit that I didn't get it. :P My favourite movies include "When Harry Met Sally", "Before Sunrise", "WALL·E", "Groundhog Day" and so on... easy ones. ;)

I don't get it.
무슨 뜻인지 모르겠어요.

무슨, mooson, what
뜻인지, ddeotsinji, meaning + suffix
모르겠어요, morugetsoyo, don't know (모르다)

무슨 뜻인지 모르겠어요.
mooson ddeotsinji morugetsoyo.

It is the same if you say "무슨 인지 모르겠어요." 말 in this case means what he/she is saying. Or "무슨 이야기인지 모르겠어요." to mean "I don't know what the story is about."

Colloquially, 무슨 can be reduced to one syllable 뭔(mwon).

If you really don't have a single clue, add 도대체(dodaeche). It is the same effect as adding "at all" or "what on earth".

도대체 뭔 말인지 모르겠어! -> I have no clue at all!

Bye for now. :)


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