This is a five star hotel.

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This is a five star hotel.
이 호텔은 별 다섯개 짜리 호텔이에요.

이, yi, this
호텔은, hoteleun, hotel + suffix
별, byol, star
다섯, dasot, five
개짜리, gaejjari, count word + as many
호텔이에요, hotelyiaeyo, is such a hotel

이 호텔은 별 다섯 개짜리 호텔이에요.
yi hoteleun byol dasot gaejjari hotelyiaeyo.

-짜리 is used when you want to express the quantity or quality of something. It carries the value of the object is equal to the quantity in comparison. But depending on the context, it could mean that either the object as cheap or as expensive. For example,

A: Your bag looks so expensive.
B: Not at all. 이 가방은 만 원짜리에요. -> This bag is only 10000 won.

A: Your bag looks like a fake.
B: No way! 이 가방은 백만 원짜리에요! -> This bag is as expensive as one million won!

More examples:
이 아파트는 방 두 개짜리에요. -> This apartment has two bedrooms.
이 사과는 얼마짜리에요? -> How much is this apple?

Check out this and this for the counting ways.

Bye for now.


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