He has a tender voice.

Hi guys. There are many Hanryu male singers for example 신승훈, 신혜성, 류시원 and so on who have a soft voice. Very soft and very dreamy. So, of course we have an expression for it. :)

He has a tender voice.
그는 감미로운 목소리를 가졌어요.

그는, genun, he + suffix
감미로운, gammiroun, soft (감미롭다)
목소리를, moksorileul, voice + suffix
가졌어요, gajeotsoyo, have (가지다)

그는 감미로운 목소리를 가졌어요.
genun gammiroun moksorileul gajeotsoyo.

The word 감미 has a Chinese origin and can be written in Chinese like 甘味. It literally means sweet taste. But, it is very common to use 감미롭다 to describe music, voice or anything that has a sweet nature.

감미로운 음악 -> lovely tender music
감미로운 꿈 -> sweet dream
감미로운 미소 -> sweet smile

Hope you have a 감미로운 night. :)


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