I like it.

Hi. Sometimes, while you are shopping, you encounter items that you know they belong to you even before you buy them. :) Like, I was just doing some 'eye shopping' a few weeks ago. ;) I wasn't going to buy anything! But as I was walking pass the shoes section at a department store, one pair of shoes stood out of all and started talking to me. 'Hey, pick me up!', 'Try me on, please'. And I did... because I couldn't resist the feeling that they belonged to me. And guess what happened next, I liked them and bought them. Everything happened in such a short time. lol Anyway, we have a beautiful expression to say I really like it.

I like it.
마음에 들어요.

마음에, maeumae, heart or mind + sufix
들어요, duloyo, satisfying (들다)

마음에 들어요.
maeumae duloyo.

This is an expression used when you like something with a very satisfying feeling. If you want to ask someone about their likeness, just add a question mark and finish the sentence with a raising tone when you read. It is very commonly used to ask about someone's blind date too. :)

그 사람 마음에 들었어요? -> Did you like that person? (past tense)

If you love it, add 정말, 너무, 제일, 완전 etc. E.g. 완전 마음에 들어요.

If you want to say 'I like it but...', change the ending of the verb to '들지만' which is a reduced form of '들어요. 하지만'. 하지만(hajiman) is another conjunction word meaning but.

마음에 들지만 너무 비싸요. -> I like it but it is too expensive.
마음에 들지만 생각해 볼게요. -> I like it but I will think about it a bit.

Have a nice weekend. :)


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