What is your favourite holiday destination?

Hi. I have a couple of Christmas in July parties this month. Quite different to the most of you who live in the northern hemisphere and plan for your summer holiday, I guess. :) I am planning to escape from the cold weather and visit my home country in August to enjoy the heat. Al-right, al-right, the cold weather is just an excuse. It is still 20 degrees Celsius in Brisbane during the day time. ;)

What is your favourite holiday destination?
가장 좋아하는 휴양지가 어디에요?

가장, gajang, the most
좋아하는, joahanun, like + suffix (좋아하다)
휴양지가, hyuyangjiga, holiday destination + suffix
어디에요, oadiaeyo, where is it

가장 좋아하는 휴양지가 어디에요?
gajang joahanun hyuyangjiga oadiaeyo?

You can use 가장 with most of adjectives to make it superlative. For example,

가장 크다. -> It is the biggest.
가장 밝다. -> It is the brightest.
가장 맛있다. -> It tastes the best.
당신을 가장 사랑해. -> I love you the most.

More about holidays this week. :)
Bye for now.


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