Do you mind if I get off here?

Hi all. Taxis are relatively cheap in Korea so I often use them whenever I visit. The problem is that the traffic jam in Seoul can be horrifyingly bad and the taxi won't move while the meter keeps ticking. :( When I see people walking move faster than my taxi, my mind starts see-sawing between "Should I get off here and take a subway?" and "It will get better.. let's see after this intersection..". It could happen to you too. So remember this expression. :)

Mr. Driver, do you mind if I get off here?
기사님, 여기서 내려도 될까요?

기사님, gisanim, Mr. Driver + suffix
여기서, yogiso, here
내려도, naeryodo, if (I) get off (내리다)
될까요, duelggayo, is it OK (되다)

기사님, 여기서 내려도 될까요?
gisanim, yogiso naeryodo duelggayo?

님 in 기사님 is a title that could be used to honor both men and women. You can put this after many nouns like 선생님(sunsangnim, teacher) and 교수님(gyosoonim, professor) or after a name instead of using 씨. So you could call me either Min님 or Min씨. 님 can be used after on-line IDes while 씨 is used only with a real name.

Anatomy of 여기서. 여기 means here. -서 is shortened from -에서 and carries a meaning of origin. For example:
말레이지아에서 왔어요. -> (I) come from Malaysia.
강남에서 만나요. -> Let's meet at Gangnam.

도 in 내려도 is explained in a earlier post at here.

Bye for now!


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