I will be on holiday for three nights and four days.

Hi guys. I have been promoting my blog on some Korean language communities because I wanted to share my work with more people. And I am so happy to see 카에르 who joined today. :) 카에르씨 환영합니다! I hope you enjoy my blog.

I will be on holiday for three nights and four days.
나는 3박 4일 동안 휴가를 가질거에요.

나는, nanun, I + suffix
3박, sambak, three nights
4일, sail, four days
동안, dongan, during
휴가를, hyugaleol, holiday + suffix
가질거에요, gajilguoaeyo, will have (가지다)

나는 3박 4일 동안 휴가를 가질거에요.
nanun sambak sail dongan hyugaleol gajilguoaeyo.

Obviously, it makes perfect sense even if you omit 3박. But somehow it is very common to say -박 -일 when we talk about the length of a holiday. Maybe that's because there are holiday packages like 7 nights 9 days if one night is spend on the plane or something. There are even no nights two days packages. Especially in winter ski-lovers will go on these trips. They get on a tour bus or train at 10PM and sleep while travelling. And they ski after arriving at a sky resort by the morning. We, Koreans are tough people, hey! :)

There are another post on -ㄹ거에요 expression. Check it out from here.

I need to go to sleep early tonight because I have some serious training to do tomorrow for "Bridge to Brisbane" event next month. Hope I will be still walking in the evening. :)


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