Is Eclipse showing already?

Hi everyone. Are you guys going to see Eclipse? I saw the first two installments of the Twilight Saga already but unfortunately they didn't do much for me. Especially the second one, New Moon, was a big, big disappointment! I almost fell asleep because it was so boring. I think I still see the third one anyway and it might even turn out to be OK because I don't expect anything this time. Anyway:

Is Eclipse showing already?
Eclipse가 벌써 상영하나요?

벌써, burlsso, already
상영하나요, sanyounghanayo, movie is showing? (상영하다)

Eclipse가 벌써 상영하나요?
Eclipsega burlsso sanyounghanayo?

벌써 is an adverb used to describe certain timings. It has slightly different meanings depending on the context.

The first case is like in today's sentence, you use it to indicate something is happening sooner than expected.
벌써 2010년 7월이네요. -> It is already July 2010.
벌써 가려구요? -> leaving this soon?

The second case it when something is done already or when you want to emphasize something has been done long before. It depends on how you put emphasis on 벌써 when you read.
벌써 봤어요. -> Seen it already.
벌써 갔어요. -> Gone already.
나는 벌써 알고 있었어요. -> I kewn about it already.

상영하다 is used only for movies showing at the cinema. There is 방영하다 for airing shows or movies on TV.

I will talk more about movies this week. :)


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