Can you slow down a little bit, please?

Hi all. I sometimes wonder how come Korea has not produced the world number one Formula 1 driver yet because there are plenty of fearless speed racers including most of taxi drivers. Speeding by taxi drivers is very common in Korea especially at night times. They can easily avoid speed cameras because the navigation systems warn them in advance. If it ever gets to a point where you think your life is on the line, ask the driver to slow down. Most of them will do so when asked. :)

Mr. Driver, can you slow down a little bit, please?
기사님, 조금만 천천히 가 주시겠어요?

기사님, gisanim, Mr. Driver
조금만, jogumman, a little bit
천천히, chunchunhee, slowly
가, ga, to go (가다)
주시겠어요, joosigetsoyo, do a favour when following a verb (주다)

기사님, 조금만 천천히 가 주시겠어요?
gisanim, jogumman chunchunhee ga joosigetsoyo?

We had a couple of sentences containing 'verb + 주다' expression recently, here and here. 주시겠어요 is a more polite question form. Of course, you can say it in a plain sentence, i.e. 기사님 조금만 천천히 가 주세요.

If you are running late you may ask them to speed up by replacing 천천히 with 빨리 (bballee, quickly). But I would not recommend this. :)

We call dangerous driving 곡예운전. 곡예 means circus or acrobatics and 운전 is driving.



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