I think it was cheaper from the shop over there.

Hi! A new member, maggiesedapgiler, told me that he was going to Seoul next month! I am going to cover some useful expressions for him so he can shop and negotiate the price. :) There are many great places for shopping in Seoul. Please visit here for detailed information on shopping experience in Seoul. You can see some basic expressions from there. 좀 깍아주세요(Jom ggakajuseyo, Give me a discount, please) is a good starting point but if you want to pressure the shop owner further, try this. :)

I think it was cheaper from the shop over there.
저쪽 가게가 더 싼 것 같아요.

저쪽, jochok, over there or that way
가게가, gagaega, shop + suffix
더, de, more
싼, ssan, cheap (싸다)
것 같아요, gut gatayo, I think it is..

저쪽 가게가 더 싼 것 같아요.
jochok gagaega de ssan gut gatayo.

There is only one form in Korean to make an adjective comparative, which is "더". For example:
여기가 더 비싼 것 같아요. -> It is more expensive here.
이 옷이 더 이쁜 것 같아요. -> This cloth is prettier.
조금 더 깎아주세요. -> Give me a little bit more discount.

For superlative forms, we use "제일", "가장", "최고" and so on.
여기가 제일 비싼 것 같아요. -> It is the most expensive here!
이 옷이 가장 이쁜 것 같아요. -> This cloth is the prettiest.
최고로 많이 깎아주세요. -> Give me the biggest discount you can possibly do. :)

Bye for now. :)


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