Dialogue 9

Hello. How's your weekend going? I had a good day playing golf this morning. It was a new course that I tried. There were lots of challenges but I managed to score par on the fourth. Yay! :)

Here is the dialogue number 9.

Jenny: Who is your favourite K-pop singer?
Fiona: I love Rain!
Jenny: What do you like about him?
Fiona: He is handsome and his body is hot and his voice is so beautiful!
Jenny: I like his new song too. It is very catchy.
Fiona: Check out his music video too. He is so elegant in it.

Jenny: 제일 좋아하는 한국 가수가 누구에요?
jaeil joahanun hanguk gasuga nuguaeyo?
Fiona: 나느 Rain을 사랑해요!
nanun Raineul saranghaeyo!
Jenny: 그의 어떤 점을 좋아해요?
geoi oaddun jumeul joahaeyo?
Fiona: 잘 생기고, 몸도 끝내주고, 목소리는 감미로워요!
jal sangigo momdo ggennejugo moksorinun gammirowayo.
Jenny: 나도 그의 신곡을 좋아해요. 귀에 착착 감겨요.
nado geui singokeul joahaeyo. guiae chakchak gamgyeoyo.
Fiona: 뮤직비디오도 보세요. 정말 귀티가 흘러요.
musicbididodo bosaeyo. jeongmal guiteega hurloyo.

Recently, there was a survey on the most popular K-pop song amongst foreigners in Korea. And the number one was "Gee" from "Girl's Generation". :)

Bye for now.


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