Dialogue 5

A special hello to gals because I saw Sex and The City 2 with a very special friend of mine yesterday! :) What can I say!? Carrie's world seems as distant as Pandora from Avatar can be but what they are trying to say is as true as it can be! I totally enjoyed it. Tough guys out there who have to see it for your ladies, why don't you wear 3D glasses then it might feel a little bit more real! ;) Again gals, let's do some shoe shopping with Carrie!

Carrie: I am just looking, thank you.
Shop attendant: Can I show you new arrivals?
Carrie: I love these new designs!
Shop attendant: They come in Red and Purple.
Carrie: I can't make up my mind!
Shop attendant: I think this colour works better for you.
Carrie: You think so?
Shop attendant: You can bring them back for exchange later.
Carrie: OK! Deal!

Carrie: 그냥 보는 거에요. 감사합니다.
genyang bonun guoaeyo. gamsahamnida.
Shop attendant: 신상품을 보시겠어요?
sinsangpumuel bosigetsoyo?
Carrie: 새 디자인이 정말 멋진데요!
sae designyi joungmal mutjindaeyo!
Shop attendant: 빨간색도 있고 보라색도 있어요.
bbalgansekdo itgo borasekdo itsoyo.
Carrie: 결정을 못하겠어요.
gyerljungeul motagetsoyo.
Shop attendant: 제가 생각하기에 당신은 이 색깔이 더 잘 어울리는 것 같아요.
jaega saenggakhagiae dansineun yi saekgalyi duo jal oaulinun gut gattayo.
Carrie: 그래요?
Shop attendant: 나중에 가져와서 교환해도 되요.
najungae gajerwaso gyohwanhaedo doeyo.
Carrie: OK! 살게요.
OK! salgaeyo.

Have a fabulous Sunday! :)


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