I work out three times a week.

Hi guys. Hope your weekend is going well. Earlier this evening, I went to my friend's rock band gig. It was a weekend-hobby kind of band but their performance was great. Especially the bassist of the band was an old lady in her fifties! It was so inspirational to see people enjoying things they love against the odds. Why don't you start doing something you always wanted to do? Practice makes perfect. :)

I work out three times a week.
나는 일주일에 세번 운동합니다.

나는, na + nun, I + suffix
일주일에, iljuil + ae, one week + suffix
세번, saebun, three times
운동합니다, undonghapnida, work out

나는 일주일에 세번 운동합니다.
nanun iljuilae saebun undonghapnida.

There are a few counter words in today's sentence. Let's first look at 일주일.
The first 일 is one. 주일 is a week.

How do we count ten in Korean?
1, 일, il
2, 이, yi
3, 삼, sam
4, 사, sa
5, 오, oh
6, 육, yook
7, 칠, chil
8, 팔, pal
9, 구, goo
10, 십, sip

It would make our life so much easier if this is the only way to count numbers in Korean. We are not that lucky. :( Let's look at 세번. That word means three times. But instead of saying 삼번, it is 세번. So here is the second way of counting ten.

1, 하나, hana
2, 둘, dool
3, 셋, saet
4, 넷, naet
5, 다섯, dasot
6, 여섯, yoesot
7, 일곱, ilgob
8, 여덟, yoederp
9, 아홉, aahop
10, 열, yoal

Hang on a second. Then shouldn't it be 셋번? Unfortunately not. There are exceptions. Sorry.
When 하나, 둘, 셋 and 넷 are followed by 번, they change their forms to 한, 두, 세 and 네. The rest don't change their forms.

한번, 두번, 세번, 네번, 다섯번, 여섯번, 일곱번, 여덟번, 아홉번, 열번!

Hope it makes sense. If not ask me. :)
Good night!


  1. I think I found it. Thanks
    저는 그걸 찾은 것 같아요.(?) Am I right?

  2. I think I found it. Thanks
    저는 그걸 찾은 것 같아요.(?) Am I right?


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