Can you show me new arrivals?

Hi guys, how are you doing? I stayed home today because I was suffering from a bad headache. I also had a neck pain and thought maybe they were related. So I bought a new Latex pillow. I'll see if that helps. :)

Here is today's expression.

Can you show me new arrivals?
신상품을 보여 주시겠어요?

신상품을, sinsangpumuel, new product + suffix
보여, boyeo, show (basic form is 보이다)
주시겠어요, jusigetsoyo, (literally)would you give me

신상품을 보여 주시겠어요?
sinsangpumuel boyeo jusigetsoyo?

The character 신 has the same meaning as 새 appeared in the yesterday's sentence, which means new. But unlike 새 which is a unique Korean word, 신 has a Chinese origin and is not a word on its own. Instead, as a prefix, it is adds a meaning new to a noun. For example, 신세대 means new generation and 신세계 means new world.

By the way, 신상녀, reading sinsangnyeo, describes a woman who is very much into 신상품. The word 신상녀 was created only a few years ago when a Korean celebrity, 서인영, appeared on a reality show freely expressing her love for brand-new branded shoes. :)

Also see a previous posting on how to ask a favour.

That's it for today.
Bye! :)


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