Can you record the show for me?

Hello all. The 2010 FIFA World Cup is only a couple of weeks away, which is exciting. I guess there will be lots and lots of soccer fans deprived of sleep for a month. :) One of my friend who was German but living in Australia recorded every match that Germany played during 2006 World Cup because he didn't want to stay up. And amazingly, he managed to avoid watching news or reading sports news on the Internet before he watched the recorded game the next day. So he could be as excited as he would have been real time. :)

Anyway, let's learn how to ask someone for a favour.

Can you record the show for me?
그 쇼를 녹화해 주시겠어요?

그, gu, that
쇼를, showluel, show + suffix
녹화해, nokwhahe, record
주시겠어요, jusigetsoyo, (literally)would you give me

그 쇼를 녹화해 주시겠어요?
gu showluel nokwhahe jusigetsoyo?

Here, two verbs are combined to form an expression for asking a favour. The basic form of 녹화해 is 녹화하다. 주시겠어요 literally means "would you give me ...". For example, "리모콘 주시겠어요?" is "Would you give me the remote controller?". But when 주시겠어요 is following a verb, you are asking a favour.

만나다 + 주시겠어요 -> 만나 주시겠어요? (would you meet me?)
가르치다 + 주시겠어요 -> 가르쳐 주시겠어요? (would you teach me?)
요리하다 + 주시겠아요 -> 요리해 주시겠어요? (would you cook for me?)

Note that Koreans tend to omit words that corresponds to "for me". Also if you want to be more polite also add "부탁합니다, butakhamnida" which is the same as saying "Please".

I hope you guys are studying Korean characters as well. It will really speed up your learning!
Bye for now. :)


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