I'll help you do the dishes.

Hi all. After a satisfying meal, you just want to sit back and relax. But what about the dishes. A proper Korean dinner uses a lot of dishes in different shape and size. It is always nice to offer a help to do the dishes. :) By the way, I decided not to use hyphens when I write the pronunciation.

I'll help you do the dishes.
내가 설겆이 도와줄게요.

내가, nega, I
설겆이, serlguoji, washing dishes
도와줄게요, dowajulgeyo, help you

내가 설겆이 도와줄게요.
nega serlguoji dowajulgeyo.

내가 is also I. The polite form of 내가 is 제가(jega). But I can't really tell the difference between 내가 and 나는. They are pretty much interchangeable. But if I say "나는 설겆이 도와줄게요.", it kind of implies that there is someone else who can do something else while I am doing this.

That's it for today. I have a party to go. Right Now!
Have a good weekend all! :)


  1. Just a small correction:
    *설겆이 -> 설거지

  2. Hi Matthew, thanks for the correction! :)


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