I feel like some Korean food.

Hi everyone! I added a search option yesterday so you can search other Korean teaching websites. It searches only seven websites at the moment including mine but I will add more as I find them. Hope you find it useful. :)

Today, let's learn how to express your wish.

I feel like hot Korean food.
매운 한국 음식 먹고 싶어요.

매운, mae-un, hot
한국, han-guk, Korea
음식, em-sik, food
먹고, mok-go, eat
싶어요, si-po-yo, want to do something

매운 한국 음식 먹고 싶어요.
mae-un han-guk em-sik mok-go si-po-yo.

Korean food is famous for its spicy taste. If you have tried "불닭, bul-dak" you will see what I mean. :)

A few more expressions that describe tastes are:
짠, jjan, salty
단, dan, sweet
담백한, dam-back-han, lean
기름진, gi-rum-jin, greasy
시원한, si-won-gan, cold
따뜻한, dda-ddut-han, hot

A word for action followed by 싶어요 means you would like to do something.
자고(ja-go) 싶어요. I would like to sleep.
가고(ga-go) 싶어요. I would like to go.
만나고(man-na-go) 싶어요. I would like to meet.

If you want to ask someone's wish, it is simple. Just add a question mark at the end of the sentence and end with a raising tone when you read. :)

That's it for today. Bye!


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