What is the national sport of Korea?

Hi all. This week I am going to talk about sports. There are many sports that are popular in Korea including soccer, baseball, volleyball, basketball and so on. But let's first find out what is the national sport of Korea. :)

What is the national sport of Korea?
한국을 대표하는 운동은 무엇입니까?

한국, hanguk, Korea
~을, eul, a suffix that follows a noun
대표하는, daepyohanun, representing
운동, undong, sport
~은, eun, another suffix that follows a noun
무엇입니까, muersimnika, what is it

한국을 대표하는 운동은 무엇입니까?
hangukeul daepyohanun undongeun muersimnika?

All these suffixes make Korean very difficult to learn. Many suffixes have different forms depending on how the sound of the followed noun ends. For example, if the noun ends with a consonant 을 and 은 are used. But if the noun ends with a vowel, 를 and 는 are used receptively. I'll give you some examples instead of trying to explain the grammar itself.

한국사람 매운 음식 좋아합니다. Korean people like spicy food.
저녁 먹었습니다. Min had dinner.
읽습니다. I read a book.
크리스 오토바이 탑니다. Chris rides a motorcycle.

I hope you get the idea. Even if you don't, don't worry too much. Most Koreans would understand what you are trying to say even if you cancel those suffixes from this sentence.

Anyway, do you know what is the Korean national sport? It is 태권도 of course! :)

Have a good night!


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