Who won?

Hi everyone. I recently rejoined a gym after having one year break. It was great to be back to my favourite dance class and let the hip do the talking. My legs are a bit sore but it is a nice kind of pain. :) Today, let's find out who won the game.

Who won the baseball game today?
오늘 야구 경기 누가 이겼어요?

오늘, ohnul, today
야구, yagoo, baseball
경기, kyunggi, game
누가, nuga, who
이겼어요, eegyotsoyo, won

오늘 야구 경기 누가 이겼어요?
ohnul yagoo kyunggi nuga eegyotsoyo?

Here are a few words to indicate time.
어제, erje, yesterday
내일, neil, tomorrow
아침, achim, morning
오전, ohchun, in the morning or AM
점심, chomsim, noon
오후, ohhu, in the afternoon, or PM
저녁, chonyak, evening
밤, bam, night

Then how can you say "Who won last night?"? It is "어제 밤 누가 이겼어요?". Easy, isn't it. :) And 아침, 점심 and 저녁 could mean breakfast, lunch and dinner depending on the context. Check out my earlier post on this at How about KFC?

You can use "어느 팀, erne team, which team" instead of "누가" from today's sentence.

Happy learning all. Bye!


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