Meet Koreans!

One way of learning a new language is having a friend who speak the language. When you see a person who looks Korean next time, why not ask if he or she is Korean?

Are you Korean?
한국 사람 입니까?

한국, han-guk, Korea
사람, sa-ram, person
입니까? im-ni-ka?, are you?

한국 사람 입니까?
han-guk sa-ram im-ni-ka?

Replace 한국 with 일본. Then you are saying "Are you Japanese?".

일본, il-bon, Japan
영국, young-guk, England
호주, ho-chu, Australia

Too advanced?! It will get easier. If you want to learn Korean characters (한글, han-gul) visit

Have fun! :)


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