Let's have some food.

I was thinking about this week's theme and I thought why not talk about food! Yep, it is a ground breaking idea-- Not. ;) Is there anyone who doesn't like food? I love food. Korean, Japanese, Thai, Indian, Greek, American, Brazilian, Turkish, Vietnamese, Mediterranean, Chinese of course, Spanish, you name it. Anyway, let's learn how to suggest someone to eat.

뭐 좀 먹을래요?
Would you like to have some food?

뭐, mo, what
좀, chom, little bit
먹을래요?, mo-gul-le-yo?, eat?

뭐 좀 먹을래요?
mo chom mo-gul-le-yo?

First of all, I think I need to mention that in Korean, we tend to omit a subject from the sentence when it is obvious. Actually, it sounds a bit awkward if I try to add a word for "you" to this sentence. But it is OK if you use a title. For example, "선생님, 뭐 좀 먹을래요?" or "학생, 뭐 좀 먹을래요?"

선생님, sun-saeng-nim, teacher
학생, hak-saeng, student

좀, chom, is commonly used just like we use a lot of "a bit" or "a little bit", in English sentences. "좀 좋아요, chom jo-a-yo" can mean "I like it a little bit" or "It is actually good." depending on the context.

먹을래요? can be used by itself. Let's say you see a food stand while you are walking with a friend then say it to your friend. :) Now I feel like having 떡볶이! :)


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