Is he gay? So what?

Hi all! Sorry about the short one yesterday. I came home too late after seeing a movie. I might fix it up later. Do you know a sport called Australian rules football? It is a pretty tough sport. I remember being shocked when I first saw this game and players punching in each other's face on the ground. Anyway, it is a hot issue in Australia right now whether gay players should come out or not. One of the "straight" players said it is not safe for gay players to come out because they are too tough and masculine to play or be in the locker room with gay players. Excuse me?! This is the twenty-frigging-first century! I can't believe what I am hearing. So here is today's expression.

He is just a football player not a gay football player.
그는 게이 축구 선수가 아니라 그냥 축구 선수입니다.

그는, gnun, he + suffix
게이, gay, gay
축구, chukgu, football
선수가, sunsoo, player + suffix
아니라, anira, rather
그냥, gnyang, just

그는 게이 축구 선수가 아니라 그냥 축구 선수입니다.
gnun gay chukgu sunsooga anira gnyang chukgu sunsooimnida.

I am so angry right now! :(


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