This show is getting popular.

Hi guys! Watching any TV tonight? I am watching Grey's Anatomy while I am writing this post. It is not as popular as it used to be but still interesting. And McDreamy, Dr. Shepherd is still hot. :D

This drama is getting more ratings lately.
이 드라마는 최근에 시청율이 올라가고 있습니다.

이, yi, this
드라마는, dramanun, drama + suffix
최근에, chuegene, lately
시청율이, sichungyuelyi, ratings + suffix
올라가고, ollagago, increase
있습니다, yitsomnida, nature of being continued in this case

이 드라마는 최근에 시청율이 올라가고 있습니다.
yi dramanun chuegene sichungyuelyi ollagago yitsomnida.

Today, I am going to focus on present continuous forms. It is similar to English grammar which is the form of "am/is/are + present participle" but the normal verb comes first in Korean grammar. For example, 올라가고 있습니다 in today's sentence, 올라가고 is the normal verb and 있습니다 is there to express the continuous nature.

Actually, the basic form of the verb 올라가고 is 올라가다. As two verbs get combined, it changes its form slightly. 올라가 -> 올라가.

More examples:
먹다 + 있습니다 -> 먹고 있습니다 (am/is/are eating)
보다 + 있습니다 -> 보고 있습니다 (am/is/are watching)
운동하다 + 있습니다 -> 운동하고 있습니다 (am/is/are exercising)

That's all for today. Good night! :)


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