Dialogue 2

Hi everyone. What have you guys planned for Sunday? How about going to the movies and having Korean barbecue for dinner? :)

This is this week's dialogue.

Chris: Would you like to eat something?
Jinsu: Sure. What do you feel like?
Chris: I feel like some Korean food.
Jinsu: What kind of food do you prefer? Spicy or non-spicy?
Chris: I am OK with spicy food.
Jinsu: Then how about Budae jjigae?
Chris: Sounds good. Let's go.

크리스 : 뭐 좀 먹을래요?
mo chom mogulleyo?
진수: 좋아요. 뭐 먹고 싶어요?
joayo. mo mokgo sipoyo?
크리스: 한국 음식 먹고 싶어요.
hanguk emsik mokgo sipoyo.
진수: 매운 음식 또는 안매운 음식 중 어떤게 좋아요?
meun emsik ddonun anmeun umsic jung addunge joayo?
크리스: 매운 음식도 괜찮습니다.
meun emsikdo gwenchansumnida.
진수: 그럼 부대찌게 어때요?
grum budaejjigae addayo?
크리스: 좋아요. 갑시다.
joayo. gaapsida.

See you tomorrow. Bye!


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