Dialogue 4

Hi all. How was your weekend? As the weather is getting cooler here, I went out shopping for a new pair of boots. But unfortunately I could not find ones I liked today. It looks like I need to spend the next weekend hunting for boots. I might as well talk about shopping next week. :)

But for today, here is a short dialogue between Clare and Minho on TV shows.

Clare: Do you watch any American dramas?
Minho: I regularly watch Lost.
Clare: Why do you like it?
Minho: The stories are not so predictable.
Clare: Did you watch the latest episode as well?
Minho: Yes. There is a shocking twist in the story.

Clare: 미국 드라마 보는 것이 있습니까?
Miguk drama bonun gussi itsumnika?
Minho: 나는 Lost를 규칙적으로 봅니다.
nanun Lostluel gyuchikjergero bomnida.
Clare: 왜 그 드라마를 좋아합니까?
wae ge dramalurl joahamnika?
Minho: 이야기가 너무 뻔하지 않아요.
yiyagiga nermu bbunhaji anayo.
Clare: 최신 에피소드도 보았습니까?
chuisin episodedo boaatsumnika?
Minho: 네. 이야기에 충격적인 반전이 있었어요.
nae. yiyagiae choongyukjergin banchernyi yitsotsoyo.

Good night!


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