I like team sports.

Hi all. Wow, today I have a new follower! Welcome, Leaa! I should have introduced lacosta too. lacosta has lovely blogs. The first follower was my sister who joined as a token of moral support (upon my request). ;)
Anyway, what kind of sports do you like? I like golf... just going out there alone watching grass grow... lol But you might like team sports.

I like sports that I can play with others.
나는 여러 사람과 함께하는 운동을 좋아합니다.

나는, nanun, I
여러, yorua, several
사람과, saramgua, person + suffix
함께하는, hamkehanun, doing together
운동을, undonguel, sports + suffix
좋아합니다, joahapnida, like

나는 여러 사람과 함께하는 운동을 좋아합니다.
nanun yorua saramgua hamkehanun undonguel joahapnida.

여러 goes well with many countable nouns. 여러 사람 is several people, 여러 나라 is several countries, 여러 음식 is several foods, 여러 가지 is several things and so on. Interestingly, 여러 명 is also several people, 여러 개 also mean several things. But the difference is 명 and 개 are not nouns, they are rather counter words. For example;
, 두, 세 mean one, two, three. Counting is a big subject so I will cover that alone some other time.

That's it for today. Good night.


  1. Haha hey Min! <3 Personally I like a lot of sports, but swimming is my favourite! Not competition-swimming but ... fun-swimming? Don't really know how to call it! haha! Thank you for your awsome korean learning posts! <3

  2. The first comment! Yay! Thanks a million, Leaa!
    Swimming is 수영 reading sooyoung! Leaa는 수영을 좋아합니다. :)

  3. Haha, so it says Leaa likes to swim?

    What is the 는 behind Leaa if I may ask? ^^ (sorry if you talked about this in another blogpost.. I haven't read them all yet! XD)

  4. Hi Leaa, 는 is a suffix that follows a subject of a sentence in this case. :)


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