Did you watch the latest episode?

Hi all! This week's theme is television. Some people like it while some people don't. If you ask me, I love TV except cop shows. I don't understand why there are so many of them. The world doesn't need any more violence! :) Anyway, today's expression is:

Did you watch the latest episode of Lost?
로스트 최신 에피소드 보았습니까?

로스트, lost, Lost
최신, chuisin, latest
에피소드, episode, episode
보았습니까, boaatsumnika, watched?

로스트 최신 에피소드 보았습니까?
lost chuisin episode boaatsumnika?

You might want to say "Did you watch the fifth episode of Lost?" Then there is a counter word for TV episode which is 회 (whe) or 편 (pyon). So you can say either "로스트 오회 (ohwhe) 보았습니까?" or "로스트 오편 (ohpyon) 보았습니까?".

BTW, do you remember that there are different ways to count numbers in Korean? Depending on which counting way you use, there are differences in meaning. For example:

로스트 오회 보았습니까? -> Did you watch the fifth episode of Lost?
로스트 다섯회 보았습니까? -> Did you watch five episodes of Lost?

That's all for today. See you tomorrow. :)


  1. 고마워요! 이것은 정말 도움이됐어요.


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