There is a twist in the story.

Hi guys! Enjoying your Friday evening? I am home watching TV. It is kind of boring. Wonder since when I became such a stick-in-the-mud. lol. As long as there is an interesting show with a good twist, staying in on a Friday night isn't too bad. :)

There is a shocking twist in the story.
이야기에 충격적인 반전이 있어요.

이야기에, yiyagiae, story + suffix
충격적인, choongyukjergin, shocking
반전이, banchernyi, twist + suffix
있어요, yitsoyo, there is

이야기에 충격적인 반전이 있어요.
yiyagiae choongyukjergin banchernyi yitsoyo.

Today, let's have a close look at 충격적인. 충격 alone means 'shock' and -적인 is a suffix commonly used to make nouns adjectives. So together it becomes 'shocking'. More examples:

상식적인, sangsikjergin, commonsensical
사교적인, sagyojergin, social
이성적인, yisunggergin, rational
공식적인, gongsikgergin, official

That's it for today. Enjoy the weekend. :)


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