Would you like some coffee or tea?

Hi Everyone. I got woken up by a phone call this morning and it was not a good news. My close friend's mother passed away yesterday. I would like to express my condolences. And let's all be nice to our mothers while we can. Love you mum!

Today we will learn how to represent alternatives.

Would you like some coffee or tea?
커피나 차 마실래요?

커피, kopi, coffee
~나, na, or
차, cha, tea
마실래요, masileyo, would you like to drink?

커피나 차 마실래요?
kopina cha masileyo?

You can attach a suffix, ~나, to a noun to express alternatives. 또는(ddonun) has the same meaning but is a word not a suffix. 커피 또는 차. Both are common.

I would say the degree of politeness of "마실래요?" is about neutral. The most polite form for both drink and eat is 드시다(dusida).

Informal ----------------------------------------- Polite
마실래? ------ 마실래요? ------ 마시겠습니까? ------ 드시겠습니까?
먹을래? ------ 먹을래요? ------ 먹겠습니까? ------- 드시겠습니까?

Don't for get to say I love you to you mum. :)



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