I want nothing but good news.

Hi all. I just had dinner with friends and we talked about the current tension in Korean peninsula. It is sad that these things happen over and over. We sincerely hope that these military conflicts come to a full stop.

I want nothing but good news on TV tonight.
오늘 밤 TV에 좋은 소식만 있었으면 좋겠네요.

오늘, ohnul, today
밤, bam, night
좋은, joeun, good
소식만, sosikman, news only
있었으면, yitsotsumyun, if there is
좋겠어요, jotgetsoyo, I would like it

오늘 밤 TV에 좋은 소식만 있었으면 좋겠어요.
ohnul bam TVae joeun sosikman yitsotsumyun jotgetsoyo.

만 as in 좋은 소식 is a suffix that imposes an exclusive nature of the matter.

커피만 주세요. Give me just coffee, please.
맥주만 샀어요. I bought only beer.
버스만 탔어요. I only took a bus.
웃기만 했어요. I just laughed.

Peace tonight all.


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