I love your new shoes!

Hi all. The start of the evening was pretty average for me because of all the hassles that had happened in the afternoon. I won't go into too much detail. After I came home, I had a chat with a friend over a phone and amazingly I felt much better! I even went to the gym afterwards! Is there anything that a good friend can't fix! :) Therefore, it is always nice to complement your friend's new it item! ;)

I love your new shoes!
새 신발 정말 멋진데요!

새, sae, new
신발, sinbal, shoes
정말, joungmal, really
멋진데요, mutjindaeyo, it is cool

새 신발 정말 멋진데요!
sae sinbal joungmal mutjindaeyo!

There is not a strict rule for plurals in the Korean grammar. So strictly speaking, 신발 is in a singular form but used as a plural here. There is a suffix to make most of countable nouns plurals and it is -들(deul). But I would say 신발들 when there are a lot of those! -들 is more commonly added if the noun is for a living object such as a person and animal.

사람이 많아요 is just as same as 사람들이 많아요.
saram(deul)yi manayo. -> There are a lot of people.

Bye for now. :)


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