Say where you are from

Have you had any luck meeting Korean people? :) Now let's learn how to
say where you are from.

I am Chinese.
나는 중국 사람 입니다.

나는, na-nun, I
중국, jung-guk, China
사람, sar-ram, person
입니다., im-ni-da, am

나는 중국 사람 입니다.
na-nun jung-guk sa-ram im-ni-da.

A few other country names are:

미국, mi-guk, America
태국, tae-guk, Thailand
베트남, bae-tu-nam, Vietnam

If you have noticed that many country names in Korean ends with "국,
guk", that is because the origin of the word is from Chinese meaning
"country". When that word is written in simplified Chinese it looks
like 国. Interesting, huh? :D

See you next time!


  1. hello..

    can i know what is Malaysia been called in korean language?


  2. Hi. :)
    It is 말레이시아. If I romanize, it would be something like maleyisia. It uses 's' sound instead as there is no 'z' sound in Korean. :)

  3. hi..what indonesia been called in korean language?

  4. Hi Lea,
    Thanks for visiting my blog. :)
    Indonesia is 인도네시아. The pronunciation is almost identical to the English word except there is no "zh" sound in Korea.

  5. hello how do u say from the philippines or new zealand? tenku

  6. Hi Kahitano,

    You can say like these. :)

    나는 필리핀 사람 입니다. (the Philippines)
    나는 뉴질랜드 사람 입니다. (New Zealand)


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