How about KFC?

Hello everyone! I just had KFC Mega meal with friends. Yummy! :) So here is today's expression.

How about KFC for dinner?
저녁은 KFC 어때요?

저녁은, cho-neok-en, dinner
어때요?, a-dae-yo?, How about something?

저녁은 KFC 어때요?
cho-neok-en KFC a-dae-yo?

The primary meaning of 저녁 is evening. But in this context it means meals for dinner. It is similar for breakfast and lunch.

아침, a-chim, morning or breakfast
점심, chum-sim, afternoon or lunch

은 that follows 저녁 is one of the suffixes. Suffixes are very common in Korean grammar.

어때요? is also a very common expression that has versatile usages. Use this when you want to ask about a state of things or someone's opinion on something. It is also useful when you suggest something to someone. For example, "날씨가 어때요? nal-ssi-ga a-dae-yo?" means "How's the weather?". "영국은 어때요?, young-guk-en a-dae-yo? means "What's it like in England?" or "How about England?" depending on the context.

Have a good evening! :)


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