The stories are so predictable!

Hi! I am wondering if you ever saw a Korean drama. There are many internationally renowned ones such as Dae Jang Geum or Full House. I find it very interesting that Korean dramas are so popular around the world regardless the cultural differences. But I don't watch them very often because there are so many crying scenes in every show and every episode. And some stories are too corny and predictable. :(

The stories are so predictable.
이야기가 너무 뻔해요.

이야기가, yiyagiga, story + suffix
너무, nurmu, very
뻔해요, bbunhaeyo, obvious or predictable

이야기가 너무 뻔해요.
yiyagiga nurmu bbunhaeyo.

뻔해요 is commonly used when you are sure of something, usually in a negative way. For example:
진수는 또 늦을게 뻔해요. Jinsu is going to be late again.
진수는 자고 있을게 뻔해요. I am quite sure Jinsu is still sleeping.
우리가 질게 뻔해요. Obviously we are going to loose.
그들은 사랑에 빠질게 뻔해요. They are so going to fall in love. ;)

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