Is it OK if I upload this picture to facebook?

Hi! Social network services such as facebook and twitter became part of our lives these days, at least for most of whom I know. Then there are technologies that allow us to take photos and upload them instantly using mobile devices. It is so easy to forget that there are people who don't like their photo being taken not to mention shared on the internet. Let's not forget to get their consent before we press the share button. :)

Is it OK if I upload this picture to facebook?
이 사진을 페이스북에 업로드해도 괜찮아요?

이, yi, this
사진을, sajineul, picture + suffic
페이스북에, pacebookae, facebook + suffix
업로드해도, uploadhaedo, if uploaded (업로드하다)
괜찮아요, gwenchanayo, it is OK (괜찮다)

이 사진을 페이스북에 업로드해도 괜찮아요?
yi sajineul pacebookae uploadhaedo gwenchanayo?

upload하다 is a loanword and there are a lot of these in Korean as in Japanese. download하다, login하다, logout하다, invite하다, follow하다, cool하다, sexy하다 and so on. It is quite convenient to turn English words to Korean just by adding -하다. But their are some bad examples as well where loanwords cause misunderstanding. For example, 핸드폰(handphone) is a mobile phone. It doesn't really sound right, does it. :) They are also called Konglish.

-도 from 업로드해도 is a suffix to make it conditional.

실수해 괜찮아요 means 'it is OK if you make mistakes'. Just keep practicing! :)

That's it for today.


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