I need to photoshop this, big time!

Hi guys, it was a very disappointing match yesterday. It was a 4-1 loss to Argentina. :( I hope we do better in the next match against Nigeria. I had a win over Greece already and Greece has beaten Nigeria yesterday. We have a chance, right! :) Anyway, today's expression is very colloquial. Don't use it in your essay. :)

I need to photoshop this, big time!
이 사진 완전 포토샾 해야겠어요!

이, yi, this
사진, sajin, photo
완전, wanjeon, fully or completely (완전하다)
포토샾, potoshop, photoshop
해야겠어요, haeyagetsoyo, gotta do something (하다)

이 사진 완전 포토샾 해야겠어요!
yi sajin wanjeon potoshop haeyagetsoyo!

Strictly speaking, the correct form of this adverb is 완전히. But many people just say 완전 in speech recently.

어제 Messi 완전 잘하던데요. -> Messi was really good yesterday.
완전 신기한데요! -> This is really marvelous!
완전 좋은데요! -> This is really good!

I am going to Sydney this evening and come back on Sunday evening. It will be great to catch up with my friends there. But I see some challenges on my blogging. Well, I haven't missed a day since I started this so I don't want to break the habit just yet. I'll do my best. :)



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