Where did you take this photo?

Hi guys! How is your Monday looking? Well, it looks good for me because it is Queen's Birthday public holiday in Australia. Happy Birthday, your highness! :) I had a golf game earlier, took a nap and just sat down to write this. I thought about this week's theme for a while and decided to talk about photos.

Where did you take this photo?
어디서 이 사진을 찍었어요?

어디서, oadiso, where
이, yi, this
사진을, sajineul, photo + suffix
찍었어요, jjikotsoyo, took (찍다)

어디서 이 사진을 찍었어요?
oadiso yi sajineul jjikotsoyo?

I think this is the first time that we came up with a question word, 어디(where). There are other questions like 언제(when), 왜(why), 어떻게(how), 누가(who) and so on. But 어디- is a little bit special compared to others because you can change the ending of 어디- to carry slightly different intentions. For example:

어디서 샀어요? -> Where did you buy it from? (original source)
어디에 있어요? -> Where is it? (location)
어디로 갔어요? -> Where did it go? (direction)
어디가 아파요? -> Where does it ache? (which part)

That's it for today.


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