Never ever squeeze it.

Hi guys, I think this could be easily one of the most difficult temptations to resist! Skin experts say never touch it. But when you look into the mirror and when a white head of a zit looks back at you, how can you not squeeze. You will have to have an absolute control over your mind. It is a challenge! :)

You should never ever squeeze those pimples.
여드름을 절대로 짜면 안 돼요!

여드름을, yeodurumeul, pimple + suffix
절대로, jeoldaero, never
짜면, jjamyeon, squeeze (짜다)
안, an, not
돼요, dueyo, allowed or become (되다)

여드름을 절대로 짜면 안 돼요!
yeodurumeul jeoldaero jjamyeon an dueyo!

I already talked about a few days ago. -면 안 돼요 means something is not allowed. On the contrary, -면 돼요 means it is OK or allowed to do something.

이것만 하면 돼요. -> Only need to do this.
오분만 공부하면 돼요. -> Only need to study for five minutes.
안 오면 안 돼요. -> Have to come. (double negative)
그만하면 안 돼요? -> Is it OK to stop?

Bye for now.


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