The skin trouble is driving me crazy!

Hi. I have decided to talk about beauty this week. Hope it is OK with you. This subject is personal to me because I am suffering from an acne trouble lately. :( I don't know if it is caused by the stress or simply I am still juvenile? Whatever the cause is, it is literally driving me crazy!

The skin trouble is driving me crazy!
피부가 안 좋아서 미치겠어요!

피부가, pibuga, skin + suffix
안, an, not
좋아서, joaso, good (좋다)
미치겠어요, michigetsoyo, going crazy (미치다)

피부가 안 좋아서 미치겠어요!
pibuga an joaso michigetsoyo!

안 is a word that negates the word that follows it. It is actually a shortened form of 아니 meaning 'no'. You need to put a space between 안 and the following verb or adjective to be grammatically correct. However, when you read the sentence it should sound as if there is no space. i.e. anjoaso

안 춥다. -> not cold.
안 많다. -> not many.
안 간다. -> not going.
안 달다. -> not sweet

If you are suffering even more you could say 죽겠어요 (jukgetsoyo, 죽다) instead of 미치겠어요. 죽겠어요 means that it is killing me! It doesn't have to be negative negative, meaning you could use these expressions just to express the extremeness of a condition.

웃겨서 죽겠어요. -> It is really really really funny. :)

Bye for now!


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