Who is your favourite K-pop singer?

Hi. It seems there are so many popular K-pop singers and groups these days. I remember seeing Dongbangsingi on TV once and being surprised how perfect they were. Their appearance, singing, dancing and star quality, they seem to have it all. Beautiful human beings. :)

Who is your favourite K-pop singer?
제일 좋아하는 한국 가수가 누구에요?

제일, jaeil, the most
좋아하는, joahanun, like (좋아하다)
한국, hanguk, Korea
가수가, gasuga, singer + suffix
누구에요, nuguaeyo, who is

제일 좋아하는 한국 가수가 누구에요?
jaeil joahanun hanguk gasuga nuguaeyo?

In response, you can say:
동방신기를 좋아해요. -> I like Dongbangsingi.
동방신기가 최고에요. -> Dongbangsingi is the best.
아직은 없어요. -> I don't have any yet.
글쎄요. 여러명을 좋아해요. -> Hard to tell. I like a few.
한국 노래를 안 좋아해요. -> I don't like K-pop.
들어본 적이 없어요. -> I haven't listened to any K-pop.

If I have to choose, my favourite K-pop band would be Big Bang. They are not as perfect looking as Dongbangsingi. But they are such a good mix of different yet interesting characters. And I like them because their songs are more light-hearted than Dongbangsingi's. :)


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