Let's save this moment in a picture!

Hi everyone. I am in Sydney as I said yesterday. But there were a bit of dramas. I was flying with Virgin Blue but little did I know their IT system was having difficulties. My 8 PM flight was first delayed then got cancelled so I had to go back home. :( They put me on a flight at 8 AM this morning so I had to get up at 6:30. It was a hassle but I had a great time today with my friends having a lovely house warming party. I bought my friend a set of wine glasses from Vera Wang's stemware collection. All the hassels were worth it to see how happy she was. :)

Let's save this moment in a picture!
이 순간을 사진으로 남겨요!

이, yi, this
순간을, soonganeul, moment + suffix
사진으로, sajinuero, photo + suffix
남겨요, namgyoyo, save

이 순간을 사진으로 남겨요!
yi soonganeul sajinuero namgyoyo!

We certainly took a lot of photos to cherish our friendship. :)

See you tomorrow!


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