She is so elegant.

Hi guys. Some stars really good at maintaining a perfectly elegant persona publicly, they just make me wonder if they ever burp or release gas inappropriately. Let me give you examples. 이영애 from 대장금 and 배용준 from 겨울연가. I wouldn't be surprised even if they never do such gross things. lol. Anyway, we have a perfect expression in Korean for that kind of people.

She is so elegant whatever she does.
그녀는 뭘 해도 귀티가 흐르네요.

그녀는, genyuonun, she + suffix
뭘, mual, whatever
해도, haedo, even if.. does something (하다)
귀티가, guiteega, sense of elegance + suffix
흐르네요, huruneyo, run or flow (흐르다)

그녀는 뭘 해도 귀티가 흐르네요.
genyuonun mual haedo guiteega huruneyo.

It is literally saying the sense of elegance is flowing out of that person. How graceful is this. :)

The opposite is not that different. If you say 촌티 (chontee), that is exactly opposite of 귀티. Do you remember when Susan Boyle first appeared on 'Britain's Got Talent' show? At first, 그녀는 촌티가 흘렀어요. But since the show, she has transformed and now 그녀는 귀티가 흐르네요.

For a conditional phrase, -해, there is another posting explaining this. Check it out from here.

Bye for now. :)


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