You look so funny in this photo.

Hi everyone! I just came back from the gym. I attended a class called BodyBalance today. It is a mix of Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates set to very inspiring music. The last 10 minutes are dedicated to mediation and I love that part of the class. After the mediation, it feels like all the negative things are out of my system. And I am ready to be brave and take in all again! Hopefully I get some inspirations for my blog too. :)

You look so funny in this photo.
이 사진에 당신은 정말 웃기게 나왔네요.

이, yi, this
사진에, sajinae, photo + suffix
당신은, dangsineun, you + suffix
정말, jeongmal, really
웃기게, ootgige, funny (웃기다)
나왔네요, nawatneyo, appeared or produced (나오다)

이 사진에 당신은 정말 웃기게 나왔네요.
yi sajinae dangsineun jeongmal ootgige nawatneyo.

It seems to me that -게 is an ending that turns an adjective to an adverb. In this case, 웃기게 modifies the verb, 나오다. Let's look at some more examples that describe one's appearance.

멋있다 -> 멋있게 cool
잘생기다 -> 잘생기게 handsome
귀엽다 -> 귀엽게 cute
예쁘다 -> 예쁘게 pretty
아름답다 -> 아름답게 beautiful
행복하다 -> 행복하게 happy

Do you see the pattern? :)
Bye for now!


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