Dialogue 7

Hi all. I hope your weekend has been as great as mine! Sydney was beautiful as always with the perfect weather. Plus twenty Celsius on a winter day is pretty darn good! :)

Here is the dialogue number 7! :)

Min: Is it OK if I upload this picture to facebook?
Clare: When did you take this photo?
Min: Yesterday at the cinema.
Clare: I look so fat in this photo.
Min: No, you do not!
Clare: Can you take another picture?
Min: Of course.
Clare: I look funny again. I need to photoshop this, big time!

Min: 이 사진을 페이스북에 업로드해도 괜찮아요?
yi sajineul pacebookae uploadhaedo gwenchanayo?
Clare: 언제 이 사진을 찍었어요?
onje yi sajineul jjikotsoyo?
Min: 어제 영화관에서요.
ooje younghwagwanaesoyo.
Clare: 이 사진에 나는 정말 뚱뚱하게 나왔네요.
yi sajinae naneun jeongmal ddongddonghage nawatneyo.
Min: 아니에요!
Clare: 새로 찍어 줄래요?
saero jjikoa julaeyo?
Min: 물론이죠.
Clare: 또 웃기게 나왔네요. 이 사진 완전 포토샾 해야겠어요!
ddo ootgige nawatneyo. yi sajin wanjeon potoshop haeyagetsoyo!

I haven't decided what it is going to be the next week's theme yet. Something comes up tomorrow hopefully! :)



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