Dialogue 8

Hello. It is already time for dialogue 8! I had another treatment yesterday and my skin does look better! :) I don't want to admit it but I guess I am high maintenance. :)

Julie: You look younger than your age.
Min: Thanks but the skin trouble is driving me crazy!
Julie: Have you tried any natural treatments such as tea tree cream.
Min: Yes I have. It was helping.
Julie: You should never ever squeeze those pimples.
Min: What if it never goes away?
Julie: It will. And your skin looks much better recently.
Min: Thank you.

Julie: 당신은 동안 이네요.
dangsineun dongan yineyo.
Min: 고마워요. 하지만 피부가 안 좋아서 미치겠어요!
gomawoyo. hasiman pibuga an joaso michigetsoyo!
Julie: 티트리 크림 같은 자연 치료 방법을 써봤어요?
teatree cream gotton jayeon chiryo bangbupeul ssobatsoyo?
Min: 네. 도움이 됐어요.
ne. doumyi duetsoyo.
Julie: 여드름을 절대로 짜면 안 돼요.
yeodurumeul jeoldaero jjamyeon an dueyo!
Min: 영원히 안 없어지면 어쩌지요?
youngwonhee an upsojimyeon ajjuajiyo?
Julie: 없어질 거에요. 그리고 요즘 피부가 더 좋아 보이는데요.
upsojil goeyo. guerigo yosm pibuga de joa boyinundaeyo.
Min: 고마워요.

Hope you guys enjoy the rest of the weekend.


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