There are natural treatments.

Hi! So I went to a pharmacy a few weeks ago and was recommended to use some tea tree scream to help with the acne. Tea tree oil is extracted from a Australian native tree. It does help with the infection from my experience. :)

There are natural treatments such as tea tree cream.
티트리 크림 같은 자연 치료 방법이 있어요.

티트리, teatree, tea tree
크림, cream, cream
같은, gotton, such as or same as (같다)
자연, jayeon, natural
치료, chiryo, treatment
방법이, bangbupyi, method + suffix
있어요, yitsoyo, there is (있다)

티트리 크림 같은 자연 치료 방법이 있어요.
teatree cream gotton jayeon chiryo bangbupyi yitsoyo.

같다 is an adjective means that two things are same or similar. There is an suffix that has similar meaning. It is 처럼(churum). But there is a subtle difference in the usage. When you use 처럼, you usually need to add another adjective to make it clear what aspect you are comparing. Compare these sentences.

그녀는 천사 같은 사람이다. -> She is like an angel.
그녀는 천사처럼 착한 사람이다. -> She is as nice as an angel.

진짜 루이비통 같은 가방이다. -> This bag is like a real Louis Vuitton.
진짜 루이비통처럼 보이는 가방이다. -> This bag looks like a real Louis Vuitton.

I hope it makes sense. :)


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