What if it never goes away?

Hi guys! We have the first female Prime Minister in Australia! How great is that! :) She will be a great role model for young girls not just in Australia but around the world. I wish her all the best! While our new PM sort out the big issues, let's go back to my trivial problem. Hang on. Maybe it is not so trivial, if you consider acne could affect self-esteem. :(

What if it never goes away?
영원히 안 없어지면 어쩌지요?

영원히, youngwonhee, forever (영원하다)
안, an, not
없어지면, upsojimyeon, disappear (없다)
어쩌지요, ajjuajiyo, what should I do (어찌하다)

영원히 안 없어지면 어쩌지요?
youngwonhee an upsojimyeon ajjuajiyo?

I covered a conditional case using -도 some time ago. -면 in today's sentence also has the similar meaning. I thought about the differences between two for the last 30 minutes! And my conclusion is if the sentence makes sense when you replace 'if' with 'when' -면 can be used.

시험에 떨어지면 어쩌지요? -> What should I do if/when I fail the exam?
시험에 떨어져도 괜찮아요? -> Is it OK even if I fail the exam?

보면 알아요. -> I know if/when I see.
봐도 몰라요. -> I don't know even if I see.

공부하면 돼요. -> It will be OK if/when I study.
공부해도 어려워요. -> It is difficult even if I study.

I think I found a pattern. :)


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