You can bring it back for exchange later.

Hi guys! The exchange policy seems quite generous these days. Once I saw a Korean lady returning a jar of 된장 for exchange at a Korean supermarket in Brisbane. She already used some but she was insisting it tasted bad and managed to get a new jar. Wow! I think that was an extreme case but it is generally accepted if you return clothes for exchange these days, which is great! :)

You can bring the cloth back for exchange later.
나중에 옷을 가져와서 교환해도 되요.

나중에, najungae, later
옷을, osul, cloth + suffix
가져와서, gajerwaso, move something (basic form is 가져오다)
교환해도, gyohwanhaedo, exchange
되요, doeyo, you may...

나중에 옷을 가져와서 교환해도 되요.
najungae osul gajerwaso gyohwanhaedo doeyo.

"verb도 되요" is an useful expression to know. It means "You may do something". More examples:
가져오다 + 되요 -> 가져와도 되요. You may bring something.
오다 + 되요 -> 와도 되요. You may come.
가다 + 되요 -> 가도 되요. You may go.

It is simple to make it a question too. Just add '?' and raise the tone of the ending sound.

교환해도 되요? -> May I exchange?

Have a great weekend! :)


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